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Essayfilm | Experimental Animation10’18” | 2024 Screenings coming up soon – Stay tuned! SYNOPSIS:In the middle of the idyll of the southern Styrian wine country, the little girl Mia grows up among her family in a beautiful winery. She is a […]

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Nothing is safe anymore. Sky is falling. Like insects attracted by honey, the human figures stick as misguided blossoms to and in the concrete block.Concrete block for concrete block we lose the ground under our feet, the orientation in the […]

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Epic Escxpe S02E02

The Illusion of Ending Things The Apocalypse.A greedy yoghurt glowingbeyond the deep sea. qujOchÖ-series during pandemic conditions, see all episodes on Instagram: Original Project-Posting on qujOchÖ-Website:

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Cover-Graphics Innensaiten

Illustrations for Album-Release “Innensaiten” by Music-Trio Saitenklang and Christine Brunnsteiner. Original photography of resonating strings, and simplified outlines shaping the instruments used by the Trio. Graphic design and Layout by Tyrolis. Samples of the Music Tracks: More Info about the […]

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Zweite Welle

A cyclical photo-collection in bike-courier mode, lockdown-strolls in the soundscape of nature spots close to the city, and the un-year 2020, where the concept calendar “Second Wave“ is brought into its first distanced realization. Two parrots guard the lost perception […]

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Watching The Fortune Quivering angleA gaping, black hole rotatesInto the fortune EPIC ESCXPE S02E01 – Watching The Fortune took place in Former Wirtshaus Schießhalle, Waldeggstraße 116, Linz on Thu, May 6th 2021, 4pm-6pm. EPIC ESCXPE is a series of episodic events […]

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The Climate-Crisis in 8 Minutes

Info-Animation, 8’30” [at the moment only available in german] Researcg, Production, Directing, Animation: Eva Maria Dreisiebner  ​ Gefördert durch ein Arbeitsstipendium der Kunstuniversität Linz und des Österr. Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung. ​ What is the climate crisis all […]

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Clipping Nails @ Soko Ibiza Nail Studio

5. WurstVomHundBall Sa, 1. Februar 2020, 19:00 UhrStadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, Linz As a colourful alternative to the right-wing Burschenbundball, the event sets an example of inclusion and participation. The ball is supported by the free scene initiatives Stadtwerkstatt, Backlab, KAPU, Schlot and […]

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Cleaning @ Bar of Lost Hopes

Performance as cleaning lady / retired boss in the Bar of Lost Hopes. Sat, November 2 2019, former “Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle” More pictures and full info in the original documentation on quOchÖ’s official webpage:

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Since 2019 I am producing Animations under the Label “777 Animation”. With a focus on artistic productions as well as commission work you will find all about Motion Graphics, Animation Design and Animated Film Productions offered by Eva Maria Dreisiebner […]

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Easy Jesus qujOchÖ-Performance

Special Performance as part of Easy Jesus Advent Biennial by qujOchÖ, together with Sun Li Lian Obwegeser. Took place: Sat, December 15 2018, 6 p.m.quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz It’s easy, it’s Jesus, it’s biennial. More Info about the event:


Linz International Short Film Festival

Short Film Festival | Linz (AT) | Oct 11-14 2018 Linz  International  Short  Film  Festival is the first international short film festival in Linz, Austria, which is a unique film event for short filmmakers and film lovers to network and discover […]

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Myth of Theuth

Boardgame Artwork | qujOchÖ | 2014-2023 Myth of Theuth is a boardgame about media theory, invented and produced by qujOchÖ art collective, Linz. But when they came to writing, Theuth said: “O King, here is something that, once learned, will […]

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Heldenzeitreise [Time Travel of Heroes]

Episodic Feature Film by Director Wolfram Paulus Spielfilm, A 2017138min Archaic moments of the past 2000 years, dealing with love, jealousy, betrayal, hatred and war. At the centre of each story is a person of action: someone who, because of […]

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TimE – Theater im Einsatz

Festival- and Project-Trailer | 01’29” | 2017 TimE – Theater im Einstaz is a “Theatre-Everywhere” Project by Judith Richter. With her team she plays three different plays wherever theatre is needed. Concept: Judith Richter Live Camera: Paul Hoffer Videoproduction, Animation, […]


Obskur V.1

Experimental Video | 03’25” | 2017 In this experimental piece a mobile phone is used to film the ground glass of a large format camera. A bridge is built between technologies over time, and questions about ways and speeds of […]

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Takeshi’s Blueberries

Edible Sculpture | 15 years qujOchÖ | 2016 A handmade transformation of the famous fun-sport-competition-TV-show “Takeshi’s Castle” into an edible sculpture of party snacks. The blueberry hill is adapted into this piece as well as the obstacle run above water, […]


Relation Repetition Obsession

Performance | Documentation: 03’09” | 2015 Roya Asadian, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Tanja Fuchs, Elena Martin-Lobera Performance, approx. 17:00 minThis performance includes four phases. As the title shows, this performance is about a kind of obsession of repeating the same relationship. […]


Strukturgeräusch 1

Research Installation | 2016 [structural noise 1] If you walk past Hitler’s birthplace, you just walk past it. It’s barely noticeable. The street where it is located looks like any other street, and sounds like any other. However, the smudges […]

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qujOchÖ @ Internet Yami Ichi | Ars Electronica Festival 2015 qujOchÖ was represented at the Internet Yami-Ichi by Thomas Philipp and Eva Maria Dreisiebner with the project FRIENDSHIP BOOK, a reminiscence of friendship books that were widely used by young […]



Shortfilm Event | Linz | 2014-15 The first international kinokabaret in Linz, called KINOPHILIA, took place in April 2015 and 2016 in cooperation with Raumschiff, and was a great success. Participants were invited to create short movies within two times […]


Ich kann so nicht arbeiten

Statement | Installation | 2015 [I can’t work like this] In this statement we see a possible reaction. A person decides, she can no longer keep on working the way she does, in the job she has. Maybe her situation […]



Live Sound Mix | 05’00” | 2015 [String phrases] This live sound mix 4.1 has been performed among the Sound Lab presentations at EXTRA Uni Finale, OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz. The sources of guitarsounds, a motorway and simply water are […]

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Exhibition + Publication | Timebased Media | 2015 Gitti Vasicek Wir, die Zeitbasierten Medien, haben die EXTRA Uni gegründet [We, Timebased Media, started EXTRA Uni] 2015 Department of Timebased Media Art University Linz EXTRA Uni was a project of the […]

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Die Bergfrau [The Mountain Woman]

Experimental Short Film, 2014, Directed by Kerstin Neuwirth 17min The girl is walking along a cool stream. Inside the house she sees her mother. The two embrace. There is a donkey in the stable, sawdust in the hall. At the […]


Top-Ticket für Studis

Campaign Video | 00’32” | 2014 The Campaign “Freie Fahrt voraus” of ÖH Graz, the student’s representation, had the goal to make cheaper public transportation tickets available for students; the so-called “Top-Ticket”. The Campaign had a wide echo and affordable […]

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Doku Trailer | 01’44” | 2014 “kultref”, the student’s representations cultural department of Karl-Franzens-University, organised a historic city walk through Graz, Austria, as theatre improvisation show. The project was invented and led by Mara Lisa Lerchner.

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Guidance System – 41m Fluchtweg

Guidance System | Exhibition „41 Fluchtweg“ | 2013 This exhibition by Schaumbad art collective, Graz, Austria, was formed into their new location, an old workspace, overall a construction ground look, naked walls, broken floor parts. A part of the very […]

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“a kino” | 01’37” | 2013 A visualized poem, a spontane collage, but before everything: a “kino”, a KinoCuntRa* Quickie – made within a very short time just before the cinema screening… * the first international Kinokabaret of Graz, Austria […]


Dreisiebner Stammhaus – Winery

Image only Video | 01’00” | 2013 Presentation Video for Airport Screens, 2013 The Winery “Dreisiebner Stammhaus” is located in Southern Styria, Austria. Prize winning wines, amazing landscape, top standard rooms and labelled high quality traditional food. For more information […]

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International Women’s Day

Video | 05’52” | 2012 A documentation of the events that took place on International Women’s Day in Graz, 8th of March 2012. Various organisations and highly motivated people try to get attention for gender-related and sometimes still unknown problems […]

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Interactive Video Wall | Documentation: 01’04” | 2012 Presentation of the Interactive Spaces Project, Information Design Class ’09. The fields on the multimedia wall are defined by two Kinects. Approaching the wall, spectators control the movement in the images by […]

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TV Intro | 00’24” | 2012 Intro and Design for the TV Show BRIGADA, on Austria’s open tv-channel OKTO TV. The topics of the show are all around contemporary Bulgarian culture in Europe & the Bulgarian community in Vienna. The […]