Performance | Documentation: 03’09” | 2015

Roya Asadian, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Tanja Fuchs, Elena Martin-Lobera Performance, approx. 17:00 minThis performance includes four phases. As the title shows, this performance is about a kind of obsession of repeating the same relationship. So in other words, it means that the person would always fall in love with the wrong person based on a pattern. These patterns work like a self-organised machine. Other people behavior changes ones pattern but the patterns stay remain.This performance depicts four phases of relationships: 1: persons have fixed patterns from their parents and media when they are still inexperienced, 2: after gaining experiences, they change their patterns in interactions with the others, 3: after realizing that the relationships are still following the pattern (but more complex ones), they decide to stay alone, 4: at the end the performers stand up and go through audiences to interact with them.

Shown @ KAPU, Linz (AT) & wärempol, Linz (AT)


Camera: Parisa Ghasemi

Editing: Eva Maria Dreisiebner