Edible Sculpture | 15 years qujOchÖ | 2016

A handmade transformation of the famous fun-sport-competition-TV-show “Takeshi’s Castle” into an edible sculpture of party snacks. The blueberry hill is adapted into this piece as well as the obstacle run above water, while in the back waits the labyrinth of rooms with partly fake doors leading to falling off the platform.

Everything above the Aluminium is eatable. Mostly Marzipan, eatable paper, herbs, nuts, honey, food colour and chocolate cookies. No complete information about allergens though!

The party music colour confusion increases the tension for the marzipan figures to complete the challenging parcours.

“Takeshi’s Blueberries” was part of the “qujOchÖ gets 15 years old Mash-Up-Party” @quitch, Linz (AT) on December 17th, 2016: