Eva Maria Dreisiebner, MA, born 1987, studied Timebased Media at University of Art and Design, Linz. She works as animation designer and media artist and engages in cultural events. She is a member of the art collective qujOchÖ, was involved in the development phase of the first edition of Linz International Short Film Festival and hosted two local Kinokabarets (“Kinophilia”). She has lived in Berlin and Porto gaining experience in Animation Design and Multimedia Art, then worked as a freelancer and as assistant director. She loves to experiment in varying disciplines of art. Recent works are “The Climate-Crisis in 8 Minutes”, an infographic animation (in german) giving an overview of CO2-emission data and other climate facts, “Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views”, an experimental animation uniting handpainted and 3D footage into a sci-fi-compositing, and “Obskur V.1”, a video art piece combining large format technology and a smartphone camera. Eva Maria Dreisiebner lives and works in Linz, Austria.

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The Climate-Crisis in 8 Minutes

Screening at Science Film Fest Linz, Central, November 18th

Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views

Online Screening at Lift-Off-Sessions June 2021

Second Wave

Concept Calendar, Exhibition within qujOchÖ art collective, 15.05.2021, former “Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle”

EPIC ESCXPE S02E01  – Watching The Fortune

Exhibition within qujOchÖ art collective, 06.05.2021, former Wirtshaus Schießhalle


The Climate-Crisis in 8 Minutes

8’31”, in german

Info-Animation, broadcast at dorftv, released online in several platforms (as a whole and in snippets) and part of climate talks within the 4future-community (ongoing)

Soko Ibiza Nailstudio

qujOchÖ-Performance, Wurst-vom-Hund-Ball, Linz

Obskur V.1

Art Space Videovitrine, Die Kunstschaffenden, Galerie im OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz


Launching www.777animation.com

Bar of Lost Hopes

qujOchÖ-Performance at the former “Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle”, 02.11.2019

Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views

Presentation and premiere at Tresor, Linz, 23.01.2019

Myth of Theuth

SXSW South by Southwest Festival 2019
Fr, 8. März – So. 17. März 2019
UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition, Austin Central Library, Texas USA


Production of Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views. Experimental Animation and Master’s Degree project for study program Timebased Media, University of Art and Design, Linz.

Linz International Short Film Festival
The new short film festival had its successful first edition: 11-14th October 2018 @Moviemento Cinema, Linz, Austria. Eva Maria Dreisiebner was part of the organisation and festival management during the build-up-phase as well as the designing and conceptualisation of project presentations.

Myth of Theuth

The boardgame about media theory has been invented and hand-produced by qujOchÖ art collective Linz. Previous and coming up Presentations and Festival Participations:


Obskur V.1

The analog/digital video art piece combining large format technology and a smartphone camera has been added to the artistic research web platform resettheapparatus.net, in the category ANALOGITAL.

Myth of Theuth


Assistant Director at Feature Film „Heldenzeitreise“ (Director: Wolfram Paulus)
EU-funded project, Upper Austria. The production finished in 2017, the movie has been shown in selected cinema screenings and educational screenings. It will be shown on television channel ORF III within the next months.

Strukturgeräusch 1 [Structural Noise 1]
Presented at Blue Skies for Art Based Research Exhibition, Art University Linz.
Exhibition of Works produced at the excursion by Gerda Lampalzer-Oppermann.

Head Organizer of the second Edition of the International “Kinokabaret” KINOPHILIA, hosted by the KINOPHILIA Team and our friends from Initiative Raumschiff.


Relation Repetition Obsession
Performance and Video. Roya Asadian, Tanja Fuchs, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Elena Martin Lobera.
Presented at „wärmepol invites to a videonight“, Wärmepol Linz
Presented at Timebased Media Presentations at KAPU, Linz

Participant in Group Soundscape, led by Wolfgang Dorninger – a Laptop Improvisation Concert with a limit of 10 sounds used per person, four channel live mix.

Member of the Timebased Media Department’s Experimental Choir “Wüste Gesänge” led by Didi Bruckmayr, and part of the choir’s performances at KAPU, Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine, and OK Offenes Kulturhaus. (Linz)

Initiating and Organising the first international Kinokabaret KINOPHILIA, together with Sophie Stallegger and an amazing team of mostly art students. Cooperation Partners: Moviemento Cinema & Initiative Raumschiff

OK Extra Uni FINALE working conditions, Offenes Kulturhaus Linz:

Statement: Ich kann so nicht arbeiten [I can’t work like this]

Experimentalchor: Wüste Gesänge

Soundscape: Saitensprüche


starting Master’s Degree at Timebased Media, Art University Linz

Freelancer in Media Design, Video, Editing and Animation

Internship at coop99, Vienna, Editing Asstistance. Production Assistance


Bachelor of Arts in Information Design, FH Joanneum Graz, Major: Media & Interaction Design, Thesis Title: Aspects of Interactive Media Installations

Workshops & Moderation at Art Events, Volunteer and Bartender at Art and Culture Café „CuntRa la Kunsthure“, Graz, Hosting Literature Events & Film Screenings, Working at Kinokabaret KinoCuntRa

Executive Production (AT) for Experimental Shortmovie „Die Bergfrau“ (Director: Kerstin Neuwirth), Prädikat: Besonders Wertvoll


Internship at giraffentoast gmbh, Berlin
Motion Design, Graphics, Image Editing

Life Long Learning Award “Erasmus Botschafterin“ 2012


2014-2019 | Timebased Media, Master Program
University of Art and Design, Linz (AT)
2009-2013 | Information Design, Major: Media & Interaction Design
2010-2011 | ERASMUS, Digital Arts & Multimedia
ESAD, Matosinhos, (PT)
2006-2009 | Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies
University of Vienna (AT)
2008 | Guest Student at the Institute for Film and TV
University of Music & Performing Arts, Vienna (AT)
2001-2006 | Audiovisual Mediadesign (Major Field)
HTBLA Ortweinschule, School for Art & Design, Graz (AT)