Works – Quickview

RELATION REPETITION OBSESSION, Performance, KAPU Linz, 2015. (Roya Asadian, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Tanja Fuchs, Elena Martín Lobera)

OVERHEAD EXPERIENCE, Experiments with Overhead Projection, 2015.

STRUKTURGERÄUSCH 1, Topic: Art-based research, Installation as research station, 2015/16

OBSKUR V.1, Experimental Video with Large Format Technology and Smartphone Camera, 2017

ICH KANN SO NICHT ARBEITEN, Statement, OK Extra-Uni Exhibition, 2015.


MYTH OF THEUTH – – the most fun board game about media theory! Yes, media theory. You don’t have to know it, just have fun with it! Available to buy or mount it for free. It’s art, that happens to be a game. Presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2017.

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qujOchÖ: the amazing Linz-based art collective, which I am part of. Crazy art works, interventions, music…. indescribable!

KINOPHILIA: first international kino kabaret (it’s a world wide movement!) in Linz, founded by Sophie Stallegger and me.

RESET THE APPARATUS!: artistic research about new (artistic, or theoretical) views on supposedly obsolete cinematic technologies. Find my work Obskur V.1 in category ANALOGITAL.

(old clips, still fun to watch)


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Recent Events

Myth of Theuth [Mythos von Theuth] Presentation @ Ars Electronica Festival Linz 7.-11. September 2017

Myth of Theuth


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