Exhibition + Publication | Timebased Media | 2015

Gitti Vasicek
Wir, die Zeitbasierten Medien, haben die EXTRA Uni gegründet
[We, Timebased Media, started EXTRA Uni]
Department of Timebased Media
Art University Linz

EXTRA Uni was a project of the Timebased Media Department of Art University Linz. For a whole semester the study program moved into the Exhibition Premises of OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz. All classes were open to the public to participate or watch through a glass window. In the end, all works produced by the students around the topic of working conditions, were presented in a public exhibition at OK.
In the following months a publication about the whole process and the final exhibition has been produced and presented.

The exhibition in OK and also the presentation of the publication at Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine have been opened and accompanied with the Timebased Media’s own Experimental Choir „Resonanzräume – Wüste Gesänge“ [resonant spaces / wild singing] led by the artist Didi Bruckmayr.

In this publication and as well as at the exhibition, Eva Maria Dreisiebner participated with the following projects:

Ich kann so nicht arbeiten [I can’t work like this] (S. 90-93)

Saitensprüche [String phrases] (S.132)

Participation in the Catalog Editing / Publication:
Assistance Student Pages, Eva Maria Dreisiebner & Parisa Ghasemi

EXTRA Uni Blog

EXTRA Uni Exhibition „Working Conditions“ at OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz – Documentation of Timebased Media Department
2014/15 working conditions

EXTRA Uni Exhibition „Working Conditions“ at OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz – Presentation within the Official EXTRA Uni Blog
„working conditions“ präsentation im OK

EXTRA Uni Publication, Official Link – Website of Art University Linz

More about Timebased Media’s Experimental Choir „Resonanzräume – Wüste Gesänge“:
Resonanzräume / Wüste Gesänge / Autogenerative Texte mit Didi Bruckmayr
Resonanzenräume / Wüste Gesänge / Autogenerative Texte