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Cover-Graphics Innensaiten

Illustrations for Album-Release “Innensaiten” by Music-Trio Saitenklang and Christine Brunnsteiner. Original photography of resonating strings, and simplified outlines shaping the instruments used by the Trio. Graphic design and Layout by Tyrolis. Samples of the Music Tracks: More Info about the […]

Art, Photography & Visual Concepts

Zweite Welle

A cyclical photo-collection in bike-courier mode, lockdown-strolls in the soundscape of nature spots close to the city, and the un-year 2020, where the concept calendar “Second Wave“ is brought into its first distanced realization. Two parrots guard the lost perception […]

Art, Culture

Clipping Nails @ Soko Ibiza Nail Studio

5. WurstVomHundBall Sa, 1. Februar 2020, 19:00 UhrStadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, Linz As a colourful alternative to the right-wing Burschenbundball, the event sets an example of inclusion and participation. The ball is supported by the free scene initiatives Stadtwerkstatt, Backlab, KAPU, Schlot and […]

Art, Culture


Exhibition + Publication | Timebased Media | 2015 Gitti Vasicek Wir, die Zeitbasierten Medien, haben die EXTRA Uni gegründet [We, Timebased Media, started EXTRA Uni] 2015 Department of Timebased Media Art University Linz EXTRA Uni was a project of the […]