Experimental Short Film, 2014, Directed by Kerstin Neuwirth


The girl is walking along a cool stream. Inside the house she sees her mother. The two embrace. There is a donkey in the stable, sawdust in the hall. At the end, the bed. Exhaustion. And again the cool brook. Kerstin Neuwirth’s graduation film from the Cologne Art Academy convinces with its excellent camerawork and its associative, almost dreamlike flow of images. The individual impressions appear mysterious as a fairy tale, the staging of the sequences, which merge into one another, is true to form. Image and sound form a harmonious bracket and lead the figures back to places of memory between life and death. A perfectly formed filmic experiment that is convincing even without a fixed narrative structure and predetermined interpretation.

Extracts from “Die Bergfrau”

My Role: Production Manager (AT)