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Essayfilm | Experimental Animation10’18” | 2024 Screenings coming up soon – Stay tuned! SYNOPSIS:In the middle of the idyll of the southern Styrian wine country, the little girl Mia grows up among her family in a beautiful winery. She is a […]

Art, Video

Heldenzeitreise [Time Travel of Heroes]

Episodic Feature Film by Director Wolfram Paulus Spielfilm, A 2017138min Archaic moments of the past 2000 years, dealing with love, jealousy, betrayal, hatred and war. At the centre of each story is a person of action: someone who, because of […]

Art, Video

Die Bergfrau [The Mountain Woman]

Experimental Short Film, 2014, Directed by Kerstin Neuwirth 17min The girl is walking along a cool stream. Inside the house she sees her mother. The two embrace. There is a donkey in the stable, sawdust in the hall. At the […]