Ich kann so nicht arbeiten

Statement | Installation | 2015 [I can’t work like this] In this statement we see a possible reaction. A person decides, she can no longer keep on working the way she does, in the job she has. Maybe her situation […]



Live Sound Mix | 05’00” | 2015 [String phrases] This live sound mix 4.1 has been performed among the Sound Lab presentations at EXTRA Uni Finale, OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz. The sources of guitarsounds, a motorway and simply water are […]

Art, Culture


Exhibition + Publication | Timebased Media | 2015 Gitti Vasicek Wir, die Zeitbasierten Medien, haben die EXTRA Uni gegründet [We, Timebased Media, started EXTRA Uni] 2015 Department of Timebased Media Art University Linz EXTRA Uni was a project of the […]