Nothing is safe anymore. Sky is falling. Like insects attracted by honey, the human figures stick as misguided blossoms to and in the concrete block.
Concrete block for concrete block we lose the ground under our feet, the orientation in the world. For a new world, all laws have to be overturned. The state of infinite uncertainty must be accepted once. Because we can conceive and create everything as we want it. A new world on the drawing board. But it’s still with humans. Do not forget the human factor. We can not rise above our own nature or nature in general.

Instead of growing with nature and being absorbed into it, the blossom humans are attracted by the single rectangular shape and want to connect with it. Without being able to fully immerse themselves in it, or to merge into it, they hang stiffly in an eternally identical state of being, barely moving on the edge between abstraction and the only breathing life form, the plants.
Retro 3D look with simple textures and hard artificial light create the atmosphere, where the shadow of a great error is cast on the scene.

Artwork on the occasion of a 20s-video-challenge
Linz (AT), 2022