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Epic Escxpe S02E02

The Illusion of Ending Things The Apocalypse.A greedy yoghurt glowingbeyond the deep sea. qujOchÖ-series during pandemic conditions, see all episodes on Instagram: Original Project-Posting on qujOchÖ-Website:

Art, Photography & Visual Concepts

Zweite Welle

A cyclical photo-collection in bike-courier mode, lockdown-strolls in the soundscape of nature spots close to the city, and the un-year 2020, where the concept calendar “Second Wave“ is brought into its first distanced realization. Two parrots guard the lost perception […]

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Watching The Fortune Quivering angleA gaping, black hole rotatesInto the fortune EPIC ESCXPE S02E01 – Watching The Fortune took place in Former Wirtshaus Schießhalle, Waldeggstraße 116, Linz on Thu, May 6th 2021, 4pm-6pm. EPIC ESCXPE is a series of episodic events […]

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Clipping Nails @ Soko Ibiza Nail Studio

5. WurstVomHundBall Sa, 1. Februar 2020, 19:00 UhrStadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, Linz As a colourful alternative to the right-wing Burschenbundball, the event sets an example of inclusion and participation. The ball is supported by the free scene initiatives Stadtwerkstatt, Backlab, KAPU, Schlot and […]

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Cleaning @ Bar of Lost Hopes

Performance as cleaning lady / retired boss in the Bar of Lost Hopes. Sat, November 2 2019, former “Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle” More pictures and full info in the original documentation on quOchÖ’s official webpage:

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Easy Jesus qujOchÖ-Performance

Special Performance as part of Easy Jesus Advent Biennial by qujOchÖ, together with Sun Li Lian Obwegeser. Took place: Sat, December 15 2018, 6 p.m.quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz It’s easy, it’s Jesus, it’s biennial. More Info about the event:

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Myth of Theuth

Boardgame Artwork | qujOchÖ | 2014-2023 Myth of Theuth is a boardgame about media theory, invented and produced by qujOchÖ art collective, Linz. But when they came to writing, Theuth said: “O King, here is something that, once learned, will […]

Art, Culture, Installation

Takeshi’s Blueberries

Edible Sculpture | 15 years qujOchÖ | 2016 A handmade transformation of the famous fun-sport-competition-TV-show “Takeshi’s Castle” into an edible sculpture of party snacks. The blueberry hill is adapted into this piece as well as the obstacle run above water, […]

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qujOchÖ @ Internet Yami Ichi | Ars Electronica Festival 2015 qujOchÖ was represented at the Internet Yami-Ichi by Thomas Philipp and Eva Maria Dreisiebner with the project FRIENDSHIP BOOK, a reminiscence of friendship books that were widely used by young […]