Episodic Feature Film by Director Wolfram Paulus

Spielfilm, A 2017

Archaic moments of the past 2000 years, dealing with love, jealousy, betrayal, hatred and war. At the centre of each story is a person of action: someone who, because of their religious, ethical, moral or personal convictions, stands up against the prevailing opinion, against the dominant society or a ruling political system – rebels who break from their ranks – in short, people with healthy and great moral courage.

The film has been shot on location, reflecting local history, involving youth from local schools and heritage associations, played by amateurs as well as professional actors and actresses.

The film team was formed by large by students of Art University Linz and associates, to embrace even more the spirit of inclusion of upcoming professionals.

My Role: Assistant Director

Trailer of Episode 4 (in German)
Trailer (in German)

Film Webpage: https://www.heldenzeitreise.at/