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Nothing is safe anymore. Sky is falling. Like insects attracted by honey, the human figures stick as misguided blossoms to and in the concrete block.Concrete block for concrete block we lose the ground under our feet, the orientation in the […]

Art, Video

Heldenzeitreise [Time Travel of Heroes]

Episodic Feature Film by Director Wolfram Paulus Spielfilm, A 2017138min Archaic moments of the past 2000 years, dealing with love, jealousy, betrayal, hatred and war. At the centre of each story is a person of action: someone who, because of […]

Art, Video

Die Bergfrau [The Mountain Woman]

Experimental Short Film, 2014, Directed by Kerstin Neuwirth 17min The girl is walking along a cool stream. Inside the house she sees her mother. The two embrace. There is a donkey in the stable, sawdust in the hall. At the […]

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International Women’s Day

Video | 05’52” | 2012 A documentation of the events that took place on International Women’s Day in Graz, 8th of March 2012. Various organisations and highly motivated people try to get attention for gender-related and sometimes still unknown problems […]

Art, Video

Schnurlos – Cordless

[vimeo 9864606 640 352] Shortmovie about two young people stuck in phone calls. While getting upset about each other, they loose awareness of what is happening around them. Austria, 2007.


Quem sou eu?

I am light, energy, vibration. I am feeling, movement, rhythm. I work with my eyes and my hands. I am asking myself, who I am. I am creating myself.   Who am I? Who am I not? This quick sketch […]