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Cover-Graphics Innensaiten

Illustrations for Album-Release “Innensaiten” by Music-Trio Saitenklang and Christine Brunnsteiner. Original photography of resonating strings, and simplified outlines shaping the instruments used by the Trio. Graphic design and Layout by Tyrolis. Samples of the Music Tracks: More Info about the […]

Art, Design

The Climate-Crisis in 8 Minutes

Info-Animation, 8’30” [at the moment only available in german] Researcg, Production, Directing, Animation: Eva Maria Dreisiebner  ​ Gefördert durch ein Arbeitsstipendium der Kunstuniversität Linz und des Österr. Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung. ​ What is the climate crisis all […]

Art, Design, Digital Animation


Since 2019 I am producing Animations under the Label “777 Animation”. With a focus on artistic productions as well as commission work you will find all about Motion Graphics, Animation Design and Animated Film Productions offered by Eva Maria Dreisiebner […]

Culture, Design

TimE – Theater im Einsatz

Festival- and Project-Trailer | 01’29” | 2017 TimE – Theater im Einstaz is a “Theatre-Everywhere” Project by Judith Richter. With her team she plays three different plays wherever theatre is needed. Concept: Judith Richter Live Camera: Paul Hoffer Videoproduction, Animation, […]


Top-Ticket für Studis

Campaign Video | 00’32” | 2014 The Campaign “Freie Fahrt voraus” of ÖH Graz, the student’s representation, had the goal to make cheaper public transportation tickets available for students; the so-called “Top-Ticket”. The Campaign had a wide echo and affordable […]

Culture, Design


Doku Trailer | 01’44” | 2014 “kultref”, the student’s representations cultural department of Karl-Franzens-University, organised a historic city walk through Graz, Austria, as theatre improvisation show. The project was invented and led by Mara Lisa Lerchner.

Culture, Design

Guidance System – 41m Fluchtweg

Guidance System | Exhibition „41 Fluchtweg“ | 2013 This exhibition by Schaumbad art collective, Graz, Austria, was formed into their new location, an old workspace, overall a construction ground look, naked walls, broken floor parts. A part of the very […]


Dreisiebner Stammhaus – Winery

Image only Video | 01’00” | 2013 Presentation Video for Airport Screens, 2013 The Winery “Dreisiebner Stammhaus” is located in Southern Styria, Austria. Prize winning wines, amazing landscape, top standard rooms and labelled high quality traditional food. For more information […]

Culture, Design, Video

International Women’s Day

Video | 05’52” | 2012 A documentation of the events that took place on International Women’s Day in Graz, 8th of March 2012. Various organisations and highly motivated people try to get attention for gender-related and sometimes still unknown problems […]

Design, Digital Animation


TV Intro | 00’24” | 2012 Intro and Design for the TV Show BRIGADA, on Austria’s open tv-channel OKTO TV. The topics of the show are all around contemporary Bulgarian culture in Europe & the Bulgarian community in Vienna. The […]

Design, Digital Animation


Study Project in Drawing for the Screen, ESAD, Matosinhos, 2011. RSS Feed to Screen Animation. Fictional design of the real platform ‘design observer’. Design News could be shown in design schools and universities to give some recent information to the […]