Guidance System | Exhibition „41 Fluchtweg“ | 2013

This exhibition by Schaumbad art collective, Graz, Austria, was formed into their new location, an old workspace, overall a construction ground look, naked walls, broken floor parts. A part of the very deep hall had to be artificially blocked from the audience at exactly 41m due to rules of public security. Based on this circumstances the guidance system reflects this topic of distances, and is spread randomly all over the floor. Every art piece in this way is represented by an arrow, showing the distance to the piece from the location of the arrow, and the name of the artist. Walking through the hall, visitors happen to step on an arrow, leading them to a space, where they may have not been yet.
The randomness of this guiding system is a counter point to the very open hall, and the materials used, tissue tape and edding, refer to the work of construction as well as the every day work of an artist and fit perfectly into the hall, they seemingly have already been there before, waiting for the art pieces to be placed.