Watching The Fortune

Quivering angle
A gaping, black hole rotates
Into the fortune

EPIC ESCXPE S02E01 – Watching The Fortune took place in Former Wirtshaus Schießhalle, Waldeggstraße 116, Linz on Thu, May 6th 2021, 4pm-6pm.

EPIC ESCXPE is a series of episodic events that artistically caricatures the infinite confusion of the big questions of our 2020s reality. Individual sequential events present vehicles of multidimensional crises in assemblage-like settings.

Melting polar caps TV in the climate casino; a foil tunnel maze with no exit;
Artificial Intelligence money showers; the cheese curator didn’t arrange the exhibit in the refrigerator chronologically.…
Escape-room-meets-all-crises-in-this-world, wondering if the telephone joker will provide the decisive clue…?
And what is a MacGuffin…?

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