Works – A Quick Selection


OBSKUR V.1, Experimental Video with Large Format Technology and Smartphone Camera, 2017

STRUKTURGERÄUSCH 1, Topic: Art-based research, Installation as research station, 2015/16

RELATION REPETITION OBSESSION, Performance, KAPU Linz, 2015. (Roya Asadian, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Tanja Fuchs, Elena Martín Lobera)

ICH KANN SO NICHT ARBEITEN, Statement, OK Extra-Uni Exhibition, 2015.

OVERHEAD EXPERIENCE, Experiments with Overhead Projection, 2015.


MYTH OF THEUTH, Media Theory Board Game, Presentations 2018 and more at


MYTH OF THEUTH – – the most fun board game about media theory! Yes, media theory – and the best way to play with it! Available to buy or mount it for free. It’s art, that happens to be a game. Presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2017 – coming up next: depot Vienna, March 7th, digital spring festival Salzburg March 15th & Munich Science Fiction Festival April 13th-15th.